Abubakar Saheed is a suspected gay and wanted by Safety Empire, anti-gay and lesbian group

A young man by the name Abubakar Saheed who is suspected to be gay has been whipped at Nima a suburb of Accra [predominantly Muslim community] by a vigilante group, the group known as ‘Safety Empire’ is purposely aimed at fighting homosexuals in the community.

The suspect was submitted to 100 strong lashes by the group after he was caught, the victim and his male partner were romancing each other in a car around hot coffee in Nima when they were returning from beach.

The group further threating to kill Abubakar if he does not leave the community and never return back, he was guilty based on Sharia laws, the group said in a Facebook post.

The vigilante group further served notice; they will sustain attacks on suspected gays to stop homosexuality in the community and Ghana as a whole

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