‘I hated my French teacher! Now I regret not learning the language’ – Dr. Mensa Otabil

”I regret not learning the French language” – Dr. Mensa Otabil

The Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr. Mensa Otabil regrets not taking his French lessons seriously whilst at school.

Narrating the difficulty he encountered with the French language, at this moment that it would have been of immense benefit to him, Dr. Mensah Otabil recounted:

“Just last week I was in Ivory Coast preaching. This was a Francophone country where the official language is French. But all I could speak were four words in French– Bonjour, aujourd’hui, merci and je m’appelle – it was then that I remembered the name of my French teacher.”

According to the seasoned pastor, he was not the only person who hated French as a language and that this attitude of his caused him to waste over 3 years in the French class. “My French teacher would give us a zero in a test and we just don’t care, I mean, what are we going to use this language for? But now look at me, I look back at those years and realize how much I wasted the chance,” he added.

Dr. Mensa Otabil cautions Ghanaian students who hate studying French and extend the hatred to the teachers who teach it.