Meet Your Future: Learn French – Dr. Gheysika A. Agambila

Meet Your Future: Learn French.   By Dr. Gheysika A. Agambila

Dr. Gheysika A. Agambila received his PhD from New York University, USA. He has taught at the University of Ghana Business School and GIMPA. Most importantly, he has served as a Deputy Minister of State in the Ministries of (1) Finance and Economic Planning, (2)Harbours and Railways, and (3) Environment and Science. 

He is our Special Guest on French.

The importance of French

French is one of world’s most important languages. French is the official language of most of the countries of West Africa, our neighbourhood. And if you are a Ghanaian, you are a language-locked francophone country!  Our near and far neighbours are French-speaking. Therefore, obtaining a facility in French should be a personal imperative, and must be a national imperative.

Those who should learn French

Everyone in Ghana should try to learn French. If you learn one French word every day, you could know at least 300 words in a year. Three hundred words can help you ask for directions if you get lost in Abidjan, Ouaga or Lome! Most students in our schools are required to study French. They should take their studies seriously, because studying French in school is the best time to learn the language. Language is more easily acquired by the young. The brains of the old are cluttered with worries that hamper language learning. But learning French in school is only a beginning, it is and should be the foundation for a life of ‘franco-facility’.

Reason to learn French

But why should you learn French? You should because it is in your best interest. If you are a young person, given the importance of French in West Africa and the world, it will increase your opportunities for employment, and if you are already employed, it will aid your career progression.

You should also learn French because you will feel more at home if you travel to our neighbouring countries in pursuit of economic opportunities. You never know when you will need to change your national home. You can enjoy the beauty of our neighbours if you travel there and enjoy the culture and natural beauty of these countries.

How you learn French

There are many ways in which you can learn French. There are many organizations that provide opportunities to learn French. Foremost among these institutions is Alliance Francaise. But there are hundreds of private organizations that offer French training for a fee. Then there are individuals who can teach you. If you are really adventurous, you can listen to the French FM radio station, RFI. If you have access to French newspapers and magazines, read them, even if you understand only 50% of what you see. Continuous reading will prepare your brain for more learning of French.

So, learn French, it is your future!

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